Automotive Electrical Loom, Tubing & Hose Wrap Products

Buy Auto Supply offers a high-quality line of electrical conduit and self-closing wraps designed for use in the automotive industry. See the difference of quality automotive conduit and loom products vs. many cheap alternatives on the market today.


Upgrade to our chemical resistant polypropylene split loom conduit and a self closing polyester wrap comparable to OE wiring loom, tubing & hose coverings found on many modern vehicles. We will be expanding our line to include many other OEM style coverings including foil wraps, fiberglass wraps and more!



This chemical resistant polypropylene split loom conduit is rigid, not flimsy and thin like many cheap nylon electrical split loom conduits designed for indoor use that are on the market as "automotive products". Finish the job right with a clean OE look using OE style polypropylene split loom electrical conduit!


Made of a chemical and oil resistant polypropylene material allowing it to hold up longer in the harsh environments found in the engine bay! It has a working temperature range of -22°F to 248°F and is UV resistant. The corrugated design allows it to remain rigid but still flexible enough to move easily through turns and bends.  



Our self-closing polyester wrap matches what is used on many modern vehicles wiring looms, pipes, and hoses. Constructed of monofilament and multifilament polyester yarn this product provides a rigid fabric like material found on many vehicles. Its self-closing design makes it easy to install around existing wiring and tubing on the vehicle.


With a working temperature of -58°F to 300°F and a melting point of 464°F (+/-15), this polyester wrap is suitable for use in the engine bay even in areas other products will break down! Currently available in 5mm, 10mm and 16mm. More sizes coming with future orders - let us know what sizes you need!


Quality electrical loom products provide a like-new look for automotive repairs, reducing customer complaints and increasing your value-added benefits while maintaining your bottom line! 


Don't settle for low quality electrical split loom wiring conduit and wraps! Have Buy Auto Supply be your wholesale supplier of quality automotive repair supplies at warehouse direct prices!