BAS14403 - Yellow T-Tap (12-10 AWG)


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Part # BAS14403

Yellow T-Tap (12-10 AWG)


Type: T Tap 

Wire Size: 12-10 AWG Wire Gauge

High Quality Imports*


*Our USA Manufacturer has a problem with their yellow T-Taps which resulted in them stopping production while they refine the design to ensure there are no problems as a result. These T-Taps were provided to use by our USA manufacturer until they have theirs resolved. These are extremely high quality T-Taps, they are not weak and flimsy in comparison like many other "cheap" imports.


Use with BAS14465 Male Quick Connect or similar style 0.250" flange quick connector for complete installation of these Instant Wire Tap Terminals.


Yellow 12-10 T-Tap quick splice wire taps allow for fast installation of aftermarket electrical products including Ignition Interlocks, Stereo Systems, Alarm Systems, On board Entertainment, Video, and more. Used to splice 10-12 gauge wiring without the need to remove insulation before installation using these wire insulation displacement connectors.