BAS13801 - 3/16" 3:1 Dual Wall Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink Tube

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Part # BAS13801

3/16" (4.8mm) I.D - 3:1 Dual Wall Heat Shrink Tube - Adhesive Lined


  • Shrinks to 1/16 Inch (1.6mm) I.D
  • High Quality Adhesive Lined
  • 3:1 Shrink Ratio (shrinks to 1/3 original size)
  • Dual Wall for additional protection
  • -49°F to 249°F working temperature
  • Flame Resistant outer covering, flame retardant inner lining
  • Available in Black and Red 
  • Convenient 6 Inch Sections - Contact us for additional Lengths!


Sealer lined heat shrink tubing provides insulation and sealing on electrical splices and harnesses. The outer wall is a flame resistant polyolefin heat shrink and the inner wall is a hot melt adhesive that melts and flows to provide a water tight seal that provides protection from chemicals, abrasion and solvents. It is designed for Automotive, Aircraft, Boats, Recreational Vehicles, Electrical and Industrial Fields. It has a working temperature of -49°F to 257°F and a shrinking temperature that starts at 158°F with a complete shrink at 230°F.
We will be adding more sizes, styles and colors, please let us know any heat shrink products you commonly use that we do not currently stock and we will work on adding them to our inventory!


Additional Sizes
Part Number
Nominal Size
Before Shrink
After Shrink
1/8" (3.2mm)
0.126" (3.2mm)
0.042" (1mm)
1/4" (6.4mm)
0.250" (6.4mm)
0.084" (2mm)
5/16" (7.9mm)
0.311" (7.9mm)
0.104" (2.7mm)
3/8" (9.5mm)
0.375" (9.5mm)
0.125" (3.2mm)
1/2" (12.7mm)
0.500" (12.7mm)
0.166" (4.2mm)
3/4" (19.1mm)
0.750" (19.1mm)
0.250" (6.4mm)