BAS14502 - Blue Heat Shrink Butt Connector - Made in USA


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Part # BAS14502

Blue Heat Shrink Butt Connector

Color: Blue

Type: Heat Shrink Butt Connector

Insulation: Heat Shrink

Terminal Material: Tinned Copper 

Wire Size: 16-14 AWG Wire Gauge

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Blue 16-14 Gauge Heat shrink insulated butt connector wire terminals allow for fast installation and repair of electrical wires where a fully sealed connection is required. Pre-wrapped in heat shrink tubing, simply crimp the wires into place and then heat the tubing to shrink it around the wires for a fully sealed solution!
For a cheaper solution use BAS14481 Non-Insulated Terminals and seal with a separate piece of heat shrink. This allows for full access to the wires and terminal so they can be soldered together and then sealed with heat shrink for the best possible connection.