BAS14514 - 16-14 Female Quick Connect (Naked)


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Part # BAS14514

16-14 Female Quick Connect Non Insulated

Type: Female Quick Connect

Tab Thickness: 0.81mm

Tab Width: 6.35mm

Insulation: Non-Insulated / Naked

Terminal Material: Tinned Copper 

Wire Size: 16-14 AWG Wire Gauge

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Used with Male Connector BAS14513 
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16-14 Non-Insulated Female Quick Connect wire terminals allow for fast installation of aftermarket electrical products including Ignition Interlocks, Stereo Systems, Alarm Systems, On board Entertainment, Video, and more.
Use male and female ends for quick installation and removal for any accessories that need to be removed and reinstalled. Also referred to as a spade terminal connector, used with any 16-14 gauge wiring in low voltage electrical systems.