BAS14520 - 22-18 Naked Ring Terminal (#6 Stud)


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Part # BAS14520

22-18 Non Insulated Ring Terminal (#6 Stud)

Type: Ring Terminal

Insulation: Non-Insulated / Naked

Terminal Material: Tinned Copper 

Wire Size: 22-18 AWG Wire Gauge

Stud Size: #6

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22-18 Gauge #6 Ring Connector non-insulated wire terminals allow for fast installation of an additional ground to a #6 stud or bolt for aftermarket 12 volt electrical products including Ignition Interlocks, Stereo Systems, Alarm Systems, On board Entertainment, Video, and more.


Used to quickly add a ground or power terminal to an existing 16-14 gauge wire using a #6 stud or bolt. Simply crimp onto the wire and connect to your desired #6 stud or bolt to supply power or ground. 
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