BAS14533 - 12-10 Naked Ring Terminal (1/4" Stud)


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Part # BAS14533

12-10 Non Insulated Ring Terminal (1/4" Stud)

Type: Ring Terminal

Insulation: Non-Insulated / Naked

Terminal Material: Tinned Copper 

Wire Size: 12-10 AWG Wire Gauge

Stud Size: 1/4" (0.50 Inch) (6.25mm)

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12-10 Gauge 1/4 Inch Ring Connector non-insulated wire terminals allow for fast installation of an additional ground for aftermarket 12 volt electrical products including Ignition Interlocks, Stereo Systems, Alarm Systems, On board Entertainment, Video, and more.
Crimp on 1/4" ring connectors are used to quickly add a power or ground terminal to a 10-12 gauge wire when you need to connect to a 1/4 inch stud or bolt in an electrical system. 
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